South Florida Housing Studies Consortium

The Consortium is a partnership between the Florida International University Metropolitan Center and the CCE that brings together expertise in data analysis and visualization, community engagement, and economic development and housing policy analysis. 

The Consortium provides intellectual and technical resources to the South Florida community in order to promote housing affordability for South Florida’s low and moderate income residents and young professionals who have been forced to move away from expensive downtown employment centers. The Consortium also provides a framework for joint activities that leverage each organization’s current work and generate new areas of collaboration between the organizations and community partners.

The goal of the Consortium is to provide thought leadership for the South Florida community on policies and programs that address housing affordability as a critical element of an economically and socially vibrant urban community.  The Consortium has been working in partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Housing and Community Development on various projects, including documenting the resident engagement process for Liberty Square Rising, the redevelopment of the second oldest public housing project in the nation; completed a comprehensive market analysis of Liberty City; and prepared an assessment of the local viability of a County-wide inclusionary zoning program.