Miami Housing Solutions Lab


The Miami Housing Solutions Lab was created by the University of Miami (UM)’s Office of Civic and Community Engagement (CCE) to provide resources, tools and data related to affordable housing and community development in the Miami metro area. This platform provides community groups, planners, policy makers and affordable housing developers with information on local housing needs as well as housing policies that prevent displacement and promote affordable housing.

The Miami Affordability Project (MAP) tool is a free, interactive, online mapping tool that visualizes neighborhood level housing and community dynamics. This includes data on affordable housing, resilience to climate change impacts, and recent updates to visualize the impacts of extreme heat

The Land Access for Neighborhood Development (LAND) is a free mapping tool that visualizes the distribution of local institutional and government-owned vacant as well as underused properties.

The Miami Housing Solutions Lab toolkits exist to spark conversation around innovative policies in affordable housing, climate resilience, and extreme heat.

The CCE Fact Sheets offer brief overviews and engaging visualizations of key concepts or enlightening findings that  can help visitors to quickly understand certain affordable housing and urban resilience issues.

The Housing Policy Timeline highlights major milestones in housing policy, race, and finance at the national, state, and local levels. The timeline provides a distinct overview of our collective history through separate lenses.

Community Health Project


The Miami Housing Solutions Lab archive contains past projects that are no longer being actively maintained.