Community Partner Resources

Browse the resources below for models of effective university-community collaborations.


Community Impacts of Engaged Research and Practice


"...the articles in this collection demonstrate new ways of interrogating community impacts of community-based research."

By Peter Andrée, Nadine Changfoot, and Charles Z. Levkoe

Partnering with Community-Based Organizations for more Broad-Based Community Engagement


"This publication is for local government officials interested in collaborating with local community-based organizations to enhance the breadth and depth of participation by community residents in local decisionmaking."

By The Institute for Local Government 

Knight Center Soul of the Community: Miami, FL


"This study was conducted over three years in 26 cities across the United States
where Knight Foundation is active. It was designed to find out what emotionally attaches people to a community— what makes them want to put down roots and build a life there." This study is the Knight Soul's rendition studying sense of place in Miami, FL.

By The Knight Foundation 

Why Miami has the lowest civic engagement in the nation


Tale of Two cities is an analysis of the level of civic engagement in Minneapolis and Miami. The two cities are compared to eachother in an attempt to better understand civic engagement. 

By the National Congress of Citizens 

Community Voices: A California Campus Compact study on partnerships


"Our unit of analysis was the community-campus partnership, perceived through the
lens of community partner eyes. Our research considers community perspectives on effective partnership characteristics as well as their own voices regarding benefits, challenges, motivations they have experienced in partnering with an academic institution."

By the California Campus Compact 

Engaged Scholarship: A Resource Guide


"The Committee of Engagement offeres this resource guide to assist member instituions as they begin deliberative processes that may lead to a definition of engagement that is consistent with the institutional mission, identity and commitment, and a means of measuring and benchmarking engaged teaching/learning, research and service."

By the Committee in Institutional Cooperation