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North Philly Notes Thumbnail  
Embracing Civic Engagement in Higher Education
(12/14/22) - Temple University Press

 CAMP Launch Press Release 
Launch of CAMP Climate and Equity Mapping Platform
(12/05/22) - University Communications

 Behind the Headlines Thubnail 
Are hurricanes and global warming putting the florida retirement dream at risk? 
(11/22/22) - Behind the Headlines Podcast

 North Village Thumbnail 
Preserve island paradise where Sinatra regaled fans or allow mega developments?
(11/21/22) - Miami Herald 

 The Conversation  
Why so many people move to Florida--and in harms way
(10/20/22) - The Conversation

 Next Gen. Thumbnail 
Educating the next generation of civic leaders
(10/18/22) - News@TheU

 Cheaper rents thumbnail
With pricey rents in Miami Beach, developer plans cheaper apartments for local workers
(08/12/22) - Miami Herald

 Tracking Affordable Units Thumbnail 
University researchers help reveal Miami-Dade affordable housing supply
(07/01/22) - News@theU  

Urban Instistute Thumbnail 
A reckining on housing wealth disparities
(07/22) - Urban Institute

 Miami-Dade Housing Summit Thumbnail 
Miami-Dade officials host affordable housing summit in Little Havanna
(06/30/22) - Local 10 ABC News

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Where can you find cheap rent in Miami-Dade County? Search these 10 areas 
(04/20/22) - Miami Herald

Hialeah housing crisis 
Displacements, evictions in Hialeah: Human tragedy of Miami-Dade's housing crisis persists 
(04/20/22) - Miami Herald 

Past Neighborhood Segregation Thumbnail 
Past neighborhood segregation still shapes where people live in Miami 
(03/02/22) - NBC 6 South Florida